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The Odoo software module "Website Plerdy Tracking"

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Odoo Plerdy Integration: Actionable analytics for web click tracking and optimization

Description offers a comprehensive set of website optimization tools, including click tracking, heatmaps, and conversion rate optimization. Gain deep insights into user behavior, visualize click patterns with heatmaps, and improve your website's performance to enhance user experience and increase conversions. With, turn data into action and effectively optimize your online presence.

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Free 30 days support and 180 days bug-fixing

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Adding tracking code

To get started, log in to your Plerdy Account and go to the "Settings" - "List of websites" menu and add a new site if you don't already have one.

After adding, click to the "Show tracking code" button.

Odoo Plerdy script installation in 17.0

Copy two identifiers from the script that is shown:

  • _site_hash_code
  • _suid
Odoo script for 17.0

Then enter these codes in the Odoo Website settings in the "Plerdy" section:

Odoo Plerdy code insertion in 17.0

After saving the changes, click "Check the script" in the script pop-up window in your Plerdy account to complete the integration.

Testing Particularities

Since the Plerdy script should not send tracking data about the activity of internal users on the website, there are some tips for testing:

  • The Plerdy script will not be activated if you are logged in to Odoo and you have website editor's access rights.
  • Starting from Odoo 16.0 and higher, the script will not be added to the site pages if you or your Odoo website visitors choose to accept only essential cookies.
  • Log out from the system or use the incognito mode or other browser to test Plerdy integration.

Monitor your Odoo website clicks, view heatmaps, set up recording, and analyze video sessions in your Plerdy account to get insights into user experience and site issues.

Odoo Plerdy dashboard of clicks, scroll depth, analytics for 17.0

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