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Human Resources management in Odoo

The main asset of most companies is its team - employees who conscientiously perform tasks to achieve planned results. Working with the company's personnel is an important area of activity and requires modern tools and approaches. So, the HR department - as a company part that solves one of the most important tasks of business: searching and hiring, developing and motivating employees, requires the HR management system.

Garazd Creation is official partner of Odoo in Ukraine. Odoo offers solutions, that are able to provide the means to improve the work of the HR specialist and contribute to the development of the company. The basic functionality, which is already activated when there are several users of the system, provides the following possibilities:

  • Employee data management;
  • Company department structure;
  • Organization chart of employee and manager hierarchy;
  • Attendance and presence control of employees;
  • Onboarding planning for new staff;
  • Task management.

The HR management system allows you to reduce the time spent by employees of the HR department and establish a single information space for managing the company's resources.

Manage employee expenses

The HR management module "Expenses" allows managing accountable employee expenses for the company needs. Employees are able to independently add expense details and generate a report. HR or the employee's manager approves the report and submits it for reimbursement.

With the expense analytics, it is possible to control incurred costs in the necessary views and periods.

Attendance and presence control

Some business areas require monitoring of worker attendance and presence at the workplace. Put these functions on Odoo, which allows you to fix the time of arrival and the time of leaving the company premises by employees using individual badges or PIN codes.

Another type of control, presence control, can be used for staff who work remotely. For this, HR management systems use the user activity monitoring. This method determines the time when the employee is in the Odoo system and interacts with it.


Human resource management requires well-established communication within the company. Using a single system will allow you to hold discussions and capture the necessary information, attaching it to documents with which the business works.
A separate "Discussion" section combines all communications in a separate window, an integrated chat allows you to exchange messages, and a built-in video messenger will allow you to organize online meetings.
This type of communication is a necessary channel for the HR management system when the company's personnel are dispersed in remote locations.
Communication will open HRMS core features for your business.

Task management

Assigning tasks that relate to specific documents, customers, orders is implemented at all levels of the system.
Using of different Odoo HRMS reports allows providing control and quickly monitoring the deadlines and results of tasks.


Gamification is the use of game elements in work processes. The Odoo gamification methods allow you to increase employee loyalty and engagement.
Staff motivation will increase if you identify the best for their achievements based on the results of a month or other period.
Each employee will have the opportunity to prove himself and receive not only a material reward.

Training and certification

The training process organization
 for new employees or upgrading the qualifications of experienced staff is possible with the
Odoo app "eLearning". By investing in personnel development, the company invests in its own development and improves the efficiency of processes.

Create training courses for clients, this will improve customer loyalty to your products and provide them with comprehensive information in a convenient format.

These features of the HR management system significantly expands the list of useful abilities.

Integration with job search systems

The advantage of any HR management system is integration with external job search and job posting services. Using appropriate solutions from our company , it is possible to significantly speed up hiring processes in HRMS Odoo.


Creating the right conditions for employees, among other things, includes the use of a convenient HR management system. Yes, there are numerous HR management systems exists, but not many of them can offer similar functionality.

Investments in personnel will definitely bring benefits. By investing in the Odoo HRMS, you get a modern resource management system that combines not only HR data, but also other information for making right management decisions.

A system that consolidates data from most of the company's departments will be a useful and necessary tool for decision-makers and allows seeing the full picture of the business. 

Open HRMS Odoo solutions for your business success!