Odoo for eCommerce

Odoo system, additional to the rest functionality, allows in a short time period implementing own e-commerce shop. When a business requires starting a new sales channel, using the website sale solution based on ERP Odoo is a ready e-commerce solution with necessary functionality.

Data exchanging between a site and an ERP system is solving automatically, and you don't need to bother about it. There is no need to synchronize product data, product properties and stock quantities, as changes in the relevant information in the accounting system will be immediately applied on the site.


After the e-commerce app will be activated, a product catalog will be shown on your website. The full functionality of the online store includes the following properties:

  • Each product or service can be published or hidden on the site.
  • It is possible to distribute "digital" products.
  • Unique content for products can be added using the built-in page editor.
  • The contact us form creates a lead in the CRM module of the system.
  • You can specify Web Commerce product categories, which will create a separate page with the selected category and allow site visitors to filter products.
  • Using of discount coupons and promo codes, gift certificates to increase a customer loyalty.
  • Possibility to activate options to compare products and add them to a wishlist.
  • Multi-website feature for creating several sites (online stores) on one system.
  • Payment provider connection.
  • Integration with delivery services.

Checkout process

Consider the checkout steps of the ordering process on the Odoo websites. A customer placing an order on the Odoo eCommerce follows the following way:

  1. Adding products to the cart.
  2. Beginning of checkout.
  3. Filling in the address data (if a customer decided to specify a different address for delivery, this stage contains two steps - the billing and shipping addresses).
  4. For address fields management, use the Odoo module eCommerce Address Management.
  5. Inputting payment data and choosing a delivery service.
  6. Adding additional information to the order (optional).
  7. The web commerce summary page with the full order information and a result of ordering.


Integration with delivery services

Provide eCommerce customers the ability to receive products through delivery services. To do this, install the appropriate module in the system. Odoo delivery modules from Garazd Creation will allow you to integrate the most popular shipping services in Ukraine.

The constant development and improving of these e-commerce solutions allows you to get the necessary functionality for the company's online store. Integration of Nova Poshta delivery service with other Odoo ERP ecommerce modules facilitates the work of the logistics department.

Online payments

To make payments, add payment systems integration modules to your Odoo instance. These solutions are secure, they use secure SSL connections for the exchange of sensitive banking information, since, as a rule, data processing is carried out on the side of the payment service.

Integrations are managed in the appropriate site settings menu. Where you can activate the necessary integrations, test them, and customize them to the needs of your company.

Odoo eCommerce SEO

Odoo system provides built-in tools for SEO optimization of your online store. For a product, you can specify the block of meta tags - title, description, keywords and select a product image that will be used in social services.

These actions will increase the CTR of the product page and improve its relevance. To contribute to the active SEO promotion of the company's website, choose Odoo SEO solutions for web commerce, that are developed in cooperation with a professional marketing agency.

Marketing and Analytics

To obtain analytical ecommerce data, Odoo provides basic integration capabilities with Google Analytics by adding a basic commerce script code to the site web pages. But using the additional Odoo Google Analytics 4 eCommerce module  you can get full integration and transfer of analytical data from eCommerce events. Using this module, the company's marketers will receive a tool to test and configure the analytic data from your websites without contacting the developers, just by UI settings.

Another one of Garazd Creation e-commerce solutions is integration with Facebook Meta Pixel. After installing the module, it is enough to specify only Pixel ID to start the integration and activate transferring of e-commerce events data to Facebook.

Exists the similar web commerce solution to integrate Odoo with Pinterest, by the Pinterest Tag script.

These solutions are using integration approaches, that allows you not to be tied to the web pages structure, and allows making certain changes to the HTML code of your website theme.

Analytical data transferred to the Google and Facebook analytical services will allow you to analyze the web commerce actions of site visitors, for a day or other period, and then use them to create advertising campaigns and retargeting.


Using marketing and analytical integrations, you will need to pay attention about informing your website visitors to prevent legislation rule violations of the countries where your business provide services and sale products. For these purposes, Odoo provides the appropriate functionality for Odoo eCommerce websites.

robots.txt and sitemap.xml

Configure rules for searching engines and crawlers in the robots.txt file. For convenient management and getting the most popular "robots.txt" templates, use this ready-made web commerce solution "Odoo Website robots.txt".

Additional modules that optimize the automatic site map
generation, creating the "sitemap.xml" file for this ERP ecommerce system, are available in our Garazd Odoo Apps store.

Perhaps, Odoo ERP eCommerce solution may not be able to provide the functionality equivalent to specialized eCommerce CMS systems such as Magento, Shopify and others, but considering all the advantages that Odoo provides:

  • The speed of launching e-commerce websites;
  • The system distribution under the Open Source;
  • Plenty of integration modules and apps in Odoo Apps Store and alternative Odoo app markets;
  • Huge active community of developers and partner companies.

- it is worth paying attention to Odoo for eCommerce.

The presence of experienced official Odoo partners will allow you to launch an online store in a short time and avoid most of the mistakes during deployment. Odoo apps and modules, developed by Garazd Creation company, provide a ready-made solutions for those issues that have not yet been solved by standard Odoo modules.

Contact us to get technical assistance and additional information about using Odoo in your eCommerce business.