Global Site Tag (gtag.js) is now the Google Tag

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The Odoo software module "Global Site Tag (gtag.js) is now the Google Tag"

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Activate the Google Tag on your Odoo website to integrate with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Google Ads


Recently, Google has announced that they implement a single script for tracking visitor activity on websites. This script, named Google Tag, should be added to all webpages of a website.

So, the global site tag (gtag.js) is now the Google tag, you can find details in this Google documentation:

The Google Tag now supports various destinations, such as:

  • Google Ads - is a platform for promoting your products and services across the entire Google product network.
  • Google Analytics 4 - is a new generation of analytics from Google with a new interface, reports, and features. You can use it for your Odoo websites.
No Code

Activates tracking tags without coding


Multi-Website support


Free 30 days support and 180 days bug-fixing

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Google Analytics 4 Tag
Retrieving the Google Analytics 4 measurement ID
In your Google Analytics 4 account, go to the "Admin" - "Data collection and modification" - "Data streams" menu, select the required stream then copy the Measurement ID.
Odoo Google Analytics 4 measurement ID getting 17.0
Google Ads Tag
Retrieving the Google Ads Tag ID
In your Google Ads account, go to the "Tools" - "Data manager" menu and on "Google tag" tab copy the Tag ID.
Odoo Google Ads Tag ID getting 17.0
Adding a tracking ID
Go to the menu "Website" - "Configuration" - "Settings" and activate the "Google Tag" option. Then fill in the Tag ID.
Odoo Google Tag gtag configure in 17.0
GA4 Debug Mode
You can activate the "Debug Mode" for your Google Analytics 4 tag and test sending tracking events to Google. To do it, activate the "GA4 Debug Mode" option in website settings.
Odoo GA4 Google Analytics 4 Debug Mode setting in 17.0
After that, you can view tracking events in the "Debug View" of your GA4 account.
Odoo GA4 Google Analytics 4 Debug View 17.0
Testing Particularities

As the Google Tag script does not have to send tracking data about a website activity of internal users, there are several testing tips:

  • You will not see the Google Tag script if you are logged in to Odoo and you have internal user's access rights.
  • Log out from the system, or use the incognito mode, or other browser to test the gtag script.
Cookie Consent
Our solution is compatible with the Google Consent Mode app, that allows to manage cookie consents and update the consent states by sending them to Google.

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