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The Odoo software module "Google Consent Mode"

Odoo Google Consent Mode on your website


Google Consent Mode on Odoo websites enhances data privacy compliance while still leveraging Google's powerful analytics and advertising tools to optimize your online presence and marketing efforts.

Google Consent Mode complements the Google scripts, such as Google Tag (gtag.js) that is used for Google Ads, and Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google Tag Manager (GTM), on your website with default consent settings. The default values of Google Consent parameters can be configured depends on the website visitor's geographic locations. There is no need to ask to make changes in your code, all settings are available from the Odoo UI. Configure and make changes to Google Consent Mode settings by yourself.

This module is compatible with standard the Odoo Cookie Bar, and can be used with third-party CMP services.

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Default Google Consents

After installing the module, you will get a new Google Consent Mode website setting in the Privacy section.

Google Consent Mode setting in Odoo 14.0

To specify default values, go to the "Website" - "Configuration" - "Settings" menu and open Google Consent list with the "Default Google Consents" link.

Odoo Google Consent default values in 14.0
In this list, you can add or change default values for the following consent parameters of the Google Consent Mode:
Google Consent Mode for Odoo website 14.0
Consent Type Parameter v2 Description
Ad Storage ad_storage Enables storage, such as cookies, related to advertising.
Ad User Data ad_user_data Sets consent for sending user data related to advertising to Google.
Ad Personalization ad_personalization Sets consent for personalized advertising.
Analytics Storage analytics_storage Enables storage, such as cookies, related to analytics (for example, visit duration).
Functionality Storage functionality_storage Enables storage that supports the functionality of the website or app such as language settings.
Personalization Storage personalization_storage Enables storage related to personalization such as video recommendations.
Security Storage security_storage Enables storage related to security such as authentication functionality, fraud prevention, and other user protection.
Create a record, and specify what consent types should be granted by default.
Google Consent Mode setting default values in Odoo 14.0
Additional options that can be configured are:
  • Website - if you use the multi-website environment in your Odoo.
  • Regions - you can set different consent defaults for visitors from certain geographic locations.
  • Wait for Update - the time in milliseconds to wait before sending data.
There are two extra parameters that could be specified for websites:
Google Consent Mode URL passthrough setting in Odoo 14.0
  • Redact Ads Data (ads_data_redaction) - to further redact your ads data when ad_storage is denied, activate this parameter.
  • URL Passthrough (url_passthrough) - activate it for passing information about Ad clicks, such as ad click, client ID, and session ID, through URL parameters.
After settings, the gtag.js script will include the configured parameters:
Google Consent Mode in the gtag script on Odoo website 14.0
Odoo Cookie Bar

This app is compatible with Odoo Cookie Bar, if you use standard Odoo functionality to manage cookie consents. To configure it, choose the Odoo Cookie Bar as a Consent Manager.

Odoo Consent Manager Cookie Bar 14.0
Odoo Cookie Types
Odoo Cookie Bar has two types of cookies - Required Cookies, which are always set because they are necessary for the website to function properly. To allow only this type of cookie, the visitor should click "Only essentials".
And Optional Cookies that consent to the use of other types of cookies. Optional Cookies will be allowed when the visitor clicks on "I agree".
Odoo Cookie Bar 14.0

If your website visitors consent to the use of optional cookies, all consent types will be granted and the gtag script will be extended with an additional "consent update" directive on each web pages:

gtag('consent', 'update', {"security_storage": "granted", "functionality_storage": "granted", ... "ad_storage": "granted"});

Google Consent Mode Update in gtag script on Odoo 14.0 website
Third-party CMP
To use the module with third-party Consent Management Platforms, set the Cookie Manager to the None value. In this case, only default Google consent values will be added to the Gtag script.
Odoo Consent Manager is not specified for on Odoo 14.0 website
Consent to the use of different types of cookies will be managed by a third-party CMP service.

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