Google Analytics 4 Global Site Tag (gtag.js)

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Module Features

Activates Google Analytics 4 without coding
Adds the events Login and Sign Up


Google Analytics 4 is a new generation of analytics from Google with a new interface, reports, and features. You can use it for a website, and for an app as well. Follow the link to learn more about GA4 features and how to get started:


Follow these steps to configure the module:

  • Go to the Website - Configuration - Settings menu.
  • Activate Google Analytics 4 option.
  • Enter Tracking ID.
  • Save the changes.
Odoo False.0 Google Analytics 4 Global Site Tag (gtag.js) configuration

The global site tag will be added to all web pages.

Odoo False.0 Google Analytics 4 Global Site Tag (gtag.js) global site tag script code
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