Is SEO site support a reasonable must or unnecessary expense?

There are a lot of sites with different types and diverse themes on the Web. All of them were devised for specific purposes, some of them are very popular, and others no.

If we consider the last ones the temporary website technical issues, domain renewal that was not paid are not critical for your personal webpage or rarely visited sites with non-commercial purposes. Most likely nobody might notice it.

But what if you are an eСommerce store owner and forgive paying for your domain renewal for the next period? What will your customers see when they visit your website? Everything simple - they will see the technical message about an unpaid domain. After that, most likely, the customer will choose another eCommerce store.

To avoid these and many other problems you can choose website support partners.

Which websites need support and maintenance?

If your website relates to one of the following types, you will need support services with a high probability:

  • eCommerce Store;

  • Corporate Website;

  • Landing Page;

  • celebrity website;

  • Popular Blog;

  • Other types for which site permanent availability is important.

Website support types

Let’s consider website support types. One of them, SEO optimization in search engines, is very huge and we will consider it in another post. So, the main support types are listing above:

  • Technical Support

  • Content Support

  • Specialized Support

What does the technical support include?

This support type foresees works to avoid and minimize technical problems and issues: system libraries, plug-ins, apps and modules updating; operation system upgrading; backup; test and stage instance implementation.

Why is it important?

  • Firstly, the latest updates fix vulnerabilities of the system and it complicates the site hacking.

  • Secondly, with the latest updates, you get new system capabilities.

  • Thirdly, it allows you to invest in your website development by keeping it up to date.

Moreover the technical support apart from preventive actions provides a prompt solution to issues with a website. The correct backup system allows us to fix and restore the website with minimal losses.

What is the website content support?

The content support provides a dynamic for your site. Website dynamics is essential nowadays.

New posts, news, goods - this is all why customers come to your website. Nobody wants to see the same post for months. The text optimization, original images, site data moderation for customer convenience - these are included in the content marketing support package.

What does the specialized support include?

There are a lot of CMS systems with unique features. If your site is stuck with technical or security issues, you will need the support of specialists who have experience and knowledge of your website’s engine. Specialist who can restore the website and make necessary security settings for it.

Can you support a website yourself?

Yes, you can. But what experiences do you need to do that? Let’s consider the website support specialist list:

  • Content Manager

  • Designer

  • Developer

  • QA engineer

  • DevOps

  • Security specialist.

And that’s not the whole team. Often, keeping all of them as employees is expensive. So, the best solution is to use an outsource team.

How much does the site support cost?

A lot of companies provide similar services. Their rates differ and depend on their expertise, service level agreements, and provided services. Choosing a support company you should consider all of these parameters to make the right choice.

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Is SEO site support a reasonable must or unnecessary expense?
Vladislava Rykova

CEO of marketing agency MAVR

Is SEO site support a reasonable must or unnecessary expense?
Marketing agency MAVR, Vladislava Rykova 26 April, 2021
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