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Програмний модуль для системи Odoo "Pinterest Tag eCommerce"

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Odoo Pinterest Tag Integration: tracking eCommerce events on the Odoo website to launch Pinterest Ads campaigns and measure conversions and Ads performance


The Pinterest Tag is a script that is added to your Odoo website, and collects tracking events such as web page visits and clicks on some buttons and widgets. The data collected is sent to Pinterest Business to track conversions, measure campaign performance, and optimize your Pinterest ads.

Odoo Pinterest Tag app provides a functionality to track events on the Odoo eCommerce website, supplementing the tracking data with product specifications required by Pinterest Business.

With this module, you can add and configure a Pinterest Pixel (Tag) on your website, collect analytics about website events and provide proper tracking data for Pinterest Ads measurement. These processes are automated, so the Pinterest tag integration will go smoothly and won't require any developer time.


Tracking of the following Pinterest events are implemented by this solution:

  • PageVisit - tracking of product and product list pages visits;
  • Lead - sending a request by the "Contact Us" form;
  • Signup - logging in to customer portal;
  • Search - searching of products in the online catalog;
  • ViewCategory - visiting a product category in your eCommerce catalog;
  • AddToCart - adding a product to the cart;
  • Checkout - an order confirmation - visiting the final checkout confirmation page.

Advantages of Odoo Pinterest Tag tracking

Easy Start

Just install the module to start tracking events on your Odoo website. You do not need to configure each event tracking manually.

Internal Logging

Internal logging is a feature that allows you to register website events directly in Odoo. This data can be analyzed in convenient for your business way, and extend your company's analytics capabilities.

Enhanced Match

To track cross-device conversions in Pinterest Ads manager, you can activate the Enhanced Match option that will allow sending hashed e-mail of your portal users.

Using one of our tracking solutions, you get a professional tool to analyze your website activity and promote your products on Pinterest. This app is a part of the Garazd Creation Marketing Apps which cover business marketing needs and fully compatible with each other. This solution is complemented by the Odoo Pinterest Catalog Product Data Source Feeds app.

Internal Logging

Log tracking events of website visitors in Odoo

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Enable Website Tracking
Go to the menu "Website" - "Configuration" - "Settings" and activate the related option in the "Tracking" section.
Odoo Website tracking activate in 14.0
Sensitive data cleaning up

The solution cleans sensitive tracking data such as payload, client IP address, and user agent. You can control the period after which the purging is performed. By default, it's 30 days.

Additionally, you can activate the "Completely delete log entries older than the specified period" option to remove all internal tracking log records after this time.

Adding a tracking service

Click on the "Manage Tracking Services" link in the Settings view, or go to the "Configuration" - "Tracking" - "Services" menu and create a new tracking service for your Odoo website.

Odoo Pinterest Tag events tracking - add a tracking service in 14.0
  • Specify a website (if you have a multi-website environment).
  • Select the service type "Pinterest Tag".
  • Fill in your Pinterest Tag ID.
Log events in Odoo

If you want to get data about tracking events in Odoo, activate the "Internal Logs" option. To view the log records related to the current service, click the "Logs" button at the top of the form.

Odoo Pinterest Tag tracking - internal logging in 14.0
Enhanced Match

You can use the Enhanced Match option with this app, which allows you to add an email address of a portal user to the tracking data sent to Pinterest Business. Before sending via the Pinterest Tag script, the email address will be hashed according to Pinterest requirements. The hashed email address is used on the Pinterest side to match conversions with an existing Pinterest account.

Found out more about the Enhanced Match option by this link:

To add "Email" to Pinterest Tag events tracking data, open the "Advanced Matching" tab and activate the "Email" option.

Odoo Pinterest Tag Enhanced Match enable in 14.0
Testing by the Chrome extension

You can easily test the Odoo Pinterest Tag integration via the Chrome extension "Pinterest Tag Helper".

Odoo 14.0 Pinterest Tag Helper
Testing Particularities

Since the Pinterest Tag script should not send tracking data about the activity of internal users on the website, there are some tips for testing:

  • You will not see the Pinterest Tag script if you are logged in to Odoo and you have internal user's access rights.
  • Log out from the system or use the incognito mode or other browser to test Tag script.
Monitoring events tracking
Monitor your website tracking by the Pinterest Event history dashboard to get analytics and get informed about performance and issues.
Odoo Pinterest Tag event history monitoring for 14.0

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