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Програмний модуль для системи Odoo "Pinterest Catalog Product Data Feeds"

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Integrate your Odoo with Pinterest Catalogs via XML Data Feeds to advertise and sell products through Pinterest


What is Pinterest Catalogs - it is a tool which allows you to connect a data source with information about your products, that you want to sell on your website via promotion on Pinterest.

The solution, which provides integration with Pinterest Catalogs, has two ready-made product data feeds with required fields and of the some most used optional fields. Flexible feed settings provide you the ability to manage product lists, prices, stock availability, language for name translations, etc. The app can be used immediately after installing the module.

How to Get Started with Pinterest Catalogs. To integrate your product data feed into Pinterest, you should follow these steps:

  1. Get a Pinterest Business Account.
  2. Claim your Odoo website, you can do it with our free module Pinterest Domain Verification.
  3. Prepare a data source that provides a list of your product on a consistent basis. This functionality is implemented by the current app. Pinterest supports up to 50 data sources for each account, that can aim for different markets and vary by language, currency, product list. This Odoo Pinterest Catalogs app provides the necessary functionality for this.
  4. If you want to launch an Ads campaign on Pinterest, you will also need to connect the Pinterest Tag to your website. You can add the base tag script by our app Odoo Pinterest Tag. The additional Odoo Pinterest Tag eCommerce module will allow you to track events on the your eCommerce webpages.

The additional extensions, like the Data Feed Caching, will allow caching your feeds in case when your products list is quite large.

This solution is fully compatible with other Odoo Product Data Feed apps from Garazd Creation, that can cover all your business needs in integration with social and marketing services, and marketplaces. Prompt support and assistance is included for our apps customers.


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Data Feed Menu

After installing the module, you will get two predefined data feed for product templates and product variants.

Go to the "Website" - "Products" - "Product Data Feeds" menu and select one of the Pinterest data feeds.

Odoo Pinterest Catalog Product Data Feeds 14.0
Adding products to feeds

Firstly, specify what products should be added to the feed by editing the domain in the Item Filter field.

Odoo Pinterest Catalogs product filter 14.0
Odoo Pinterest Catalogs Feed filter domain 14.0
Product Prices

You can specify a pricelist for the product data feed by going to the "Settings" tab in the feed form and selecting a desired pricelist.

Odoo Pinterest Catalogs product price list select 14.0

To provide sales prices, select a promo pricelist in the "Sale Pricelist" field.

Product Attributes

If you use products with variants, you can make the following settings to specify which attributes should be shared with Pinterest Catalogs.

Open the feed column "variant_names" and choose product attributes to send in the "Attributes" field.

Odoo Pinterest Catalogs product variant names 14.0

Repeat the product attribute specifying for the feed column "variant_values", and choose the same attributes there.

Feed URL Getting

When you complete the feed configuration process, copy the feed URL by clicking to the "Copy" button.

Odoo Pinterest Catalogs product data feed URL 14.0

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