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Програмний модуль для системи Odoo "Website Pinterest Tag"

Версія Odoo: 15.0



Add the Pinterest tag to Odoo website to track visitor actions and measure your Pinterest ads effectiveness. It allows understanding of how effective your advertisements were and how people interact with your website after seeing or engaging with your ad.

To create a Pinterest Tag you need to have a Pinterest business account and access to Ads Manager. Installing your tag process starts from the Conversions page of Ads Manager.

The module adds the base Pinterest Tag code to every website page.


Follow these steps to configure the module:

  • Go to the Website - Configuration - Settings menu.
  • Activate Pinterest Tag option.
  • Enter Tag ID.
  • Save the changes.
Odoo 15.0.0 Website Pinterest Tag configuration

The base Pinterest Tag script will be added on every website page.

Odoo 15.0.0 Website Pinterest Tag script sample

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