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Програмний модуль для системи Odoo "Product Label Builder"

Professional tool to build and print product labels


There are a lot of benefits of using the Odoo system, but sometimes the standard functionality is not enough for your business needs. Printing product labels is one of the bottlenecks of the system, where there is a lack of a convenient tool with wide capabilities.

Garazd Creation has developed the tool that allows printing labels in the user-friendly interface with a variety of label options, create and modify own label templates for any paper format and design.

Odoo App "Barcode Product Label Builder" provides the following options to print product labels:

  • Quantity management per product label.
  • Choosing a pricelist to specify the product price and currency.
  • Language selection to translate label text fields.
  • Skipping free label places when you print on the multi-label sheets.
  • And the main feature is the product label builder, which allows you to create and design label templates.
  • Six ready-made label templates are included.
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Advanced Settings
Professional version of the label printing wizard provides advanced label settings:
  1. Select the label type "Product Label from your own template".
  2. Then choose a label template.
  3. There are 6 ready-made label templates after module installation: 2 Dymo labels, 2 on the A4 paper format, 2 on the Letter paper format. You can modify them for you needs, or clone.
Odoo 15.0 product label settings
  1. Sometimes, if you are printing on A4 or Letter size sheets, you may want to skip the first few label spaces on the sheet, just enter the number of spaces to skip.
  2. Select a pricelist to specify product prices on labels.
  3. The currency will be changed according to the selected pricelist and the currency symbol will be placed before or after a product price, as it specified in settings.
Label Options
You can also set some label options on the Options tab:
  • Language - to specify the language to translate label fields.
  • Human readable barcode - to print a barcode digit code on the labels.
  • Border - to set the label border width.
  • Set to 0 to print labels without border.
Odoo 15.0 product label options
Label Printing
Finally, you can preview the labels before printing, by clicking on the PREVIEW button, or print them with the PRINT
Working with Label Templates
Creating a Label Template
Click on the ADD button to create a new label template.
Odoo 15.0 create label template
To add the Dymo type label, choose the paper format "Custom" and specify the label width and height (in mm). Then, fill in the page margins, if you need them.
Odoo 15.0 add label template
Click on the CREATE TEMPLATE to continue with template settings.
Adding Label Sections
You can create label template sections and specify necessary parameters for them. Sections can be two types: Text or Model Field. Let's create one by clicking on "Add a line" on the "Sections" tab.
Odoo 15.0 add label template section
Section Settings
The first section will be the "Product Name" with the following settings:
Odoo 15.0 label data settings
  • Type: Model Field
  • Field: Product
  • Relation Field: Name
Let's continue with label design settings:
Odoo 15.0 label design settings
  • Height, mm: 10
  • Float Position: Full Width
  • Widget: Price, or Barcode. These values are used only for "Product Price" and "Product Barcode" fields accordingly.
Next, let's take a look at what text settings are available:
Odoo 15.0 label font and text settings
  • Align: Center, Left, Right, Justify values are available.
  • Font Weight: can be 100, normal, bold, or 900.
  • Font Size: 20, this value can be in pixels or mm.
  • Line Height: 1.2.
  • Letter Spacing: 0, can be positive (2.5) or negative (-1), in mm.
  • Color: #FFFFFF. A handy color widget allows you to choose any color from the palette.
On the "Paddings" tab, you can configure the section padding attributes (in mm).
Visibility and Order of Sections
By clicking the "Sections" button on the label template form, you can open a list of sections and perform actions with them:
  1. Change order - just drag and drop sections to set the order that you need.
  2. Hide or Show - switch the "Active" option to hide or show the section.
Odoo 15.0 template sections
Label Preview

During label designing, activate the "Preview" option to show your product label without having to generate a PDF sheet.

Also, you can choose any product as a demo one.

Odoo 15.0 barcode product label preview mode
Label Samples
Labels will be generated in the PDF format:
Dymo Labels
Odoo 15.0 dymo barcode product label 50 x 25 mm
Odoo 15.0 dymo barcode product label 100 x 100 mm
Labels on the US Letter sheet
Odoo 15.0 us letter barcode product label 101 x 50 mm
Odoo 15.0 us letter barcode product label 66 x 25 mm
Labels on the A4 sheet
Odoo 15.0 A4 barcode product label 99 x 38 mm
Odoo 15.0 a4 barcode product label 63 x 38 mm

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