World Marketing Day 2024 Promotion

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Special offer to the World Marketing Day on May 27

World Marketing Day is celebrated every year on May 27. On this day in 1931, Philip Kotler was born, a man who is known as the "father" of modern marketing, a man who wrote many books and dedicated his life to the study and development of marketing. To recognize his contribution, it was decided to celebrate the International Marketing Day on May 27.

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Marketing is one of the most important activities for companies, it allows businesses to grow, acquire new customers, and retain existing ones. When using the Odoo system, it is very convenient to have built-in tools for marketing your products and services. Solutions from our company will allow you to acquire these capabilities, which will provide tools for your marketing activities within one system.

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To this day, we are launching a promotion and offer to purchase our marketing Odoo modules with a 27% discount. Take advantage of this opportunity and get convenient professional marketing tools.

How to get Odoo Apps

There are three app groups that participate in the promotion:

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382 18.05.2024
World Marketing Day 2024 Promotion
Yurii Razumovskyi

Entrepreneur, Odoo consultant, architect, developer, Ukrainian Odoo association member, OCA Member, Odoo Learning Partner.

World Marketing Day 2024 Promotion
Yurii Razumovskyi 18 May, 2024
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