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Odoo Version: 14.0

Module Features

Just activate an option to hide or show necessary fields.
Make phone and email fields as links with appropriate actions.
Add social links to the "Contact Us" web page.
No coding!


Odoo provides an ability to build websites in a handy way using the Website Builder with useful blocks and snippets. But if you need some customization for your site, it could be quite difficult to implement without engaging developers. This module solves one of the frequently asked needs and allows to customize the "Contact Us" webpage data in a convenient, easy way. You will be able to hide or show contact fields, field icons, a country flag, and add social links to the contact page by activating appropriate option. Also, the app converts the address phone and email fields to links.
Watch how it works in a video tutorial and try it on a Live Demo.


To manage the address data fields follow these steps:

  • Go to the Website - Configuration - Websites menu.
  • Choose a website.
  • Configure options that you need. You can hide/show the following fields:
    • Company Name
    • Company Address
    • Phone and Mobile
    • Email
    • Company Website URL
    • Company VAT
Odoo 14.0.0 Website Contact Us Tweaks default webpage and configuration
  • Additional options that could we activated:
    • Address in one line - show a company address in one line (dividing by comma) instead of showing each element on a new line.
    • Odoo 14.0 Website Contact Us Tweaks address in one line setting up
    • Hide Marker Icons - hide address item icons.
    • Odoo 14.0 Website Contact Us Tweaks hide marker icons setting up
    • Show Phone Icons - show only markers for phone fields "Phone" and "Mobile" if the option Hide Marker Icons is activated.
    • Odoo 14.0 Website Contact Us Tweaks show phone and mobile icon setting up
    • Country Flag - show a company country flag after the company name.
    • Odoo 14.0 Website Contact Us Tweaks show country flag
    • Show Google Map - hide the standard Google Map link and widget.
    • Odoo 14.0 Website Contact Us Tweaks hide or show google map
  • After installing the module the phone and email fields are converted to links.
  • Odoo 14.0 Website Contact Us Tweaks convert phone email fileds to links
  • To add the company social links to the "Contact Us" webpage, just activate necessary options:
Odoo 14.0 Website Contact Us Tweaks social links and all setting activated

Watch the Video Tutorial

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