Odoo Пром ЮА імпорт товарів з Odoo у CSV форматі

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Програмний модуль для системи Odoo "Odoo Пром ЮА імпорт товарів з Odoo у CSV форматі"

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Import product data to the Prom.ua marketplace through CSV data feeds


Expand your business by selling on Prom.ua, one of the most popular marketplaces in Ukraine.

The solution contains two predefined data feeds that are ready to import Odoo products to your Prom store.

The feeds includes the most required columns and meets the official specifications: https://support.prom.ua/hc/uk/articles/360004960817, by providing product feed in the CSV format.

Follow the official documentation to found out how to import products: https://support.prom.ua/hc/uk/articles/360004963478.

Easy & Simple

Easy to activate and configure


Multi feed support


Free 30 days support and 180 days bug-fixing

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Sync Prom Categories
Firstly, run the synchronization of Prom product categories from the menu "Website" - "Configuration" - "Prom.UA" - "Import Prom categories".
Odoo Prom UA category import
Product Settings
The categories will be imported, and you can specify them in your products on the "Data Feeds" tab in the "Prom" section.
Odoo Prom UA product category setting
Let's take a look at other Prom product parameters, that you can specify:
  • Product Type - this parameter determines whether the product belongs to wholesale, retail products, or services.
  • Search Queries - search queries that will be used to search in the Prom catalog.
  • HTML Title - meta title for Prom SEO settings.
  • HTML Description - meta description for Prom SEO settings.
  • HTML Keywords - meta keywords for Prom SEO settings.
Odoo product Prom UA settings
UoM Aliases
To provide the correct UoM values for Prom product feeds, the app allow specifying the UoM alias for standard Odoo units of measure. After installing the app, Prom aliases will be set for the base units of measure. If you use your own, you can set them manually yourself.
To do this, go to the menu "Inventory" - "Configuration" - "Units of Measures" - "UoM".
Odoo Prom UA product uom (unit of measure) settings
Feed Settings
Go to the menu "Website" - "Products" - "Product Data Feeds" to configure a feed and get the feed URL.
Odoo Odoo Prom UA Data Feeds list 16.0
Click on the "Copy Text" to get the feed URL. You will need it to import products in the Prom Seller Portal.
Import products to Prom Store
Log in to your Prom account and go to the menu "Product and Services" - "Import". Choose the option Download a file from server, and put your feed URL.
You can specify additional import settings in the section "Import Configuration". After that, click on the "Start Import" to initiate the process.
Odoo Odoo Prom UA Data Feeds import products by URL 16.0
In the pop-up window that appears, confirm the settings by clicking "Continue Import".
Odoo 16.0 confirm Odoo Prom UA Data Feeds
The import process will take some time, depending on the number of your products in the feed. After finishing, an import report shows you the results: warnings, errors, and products that were imported successful.
Odoo Odoo Prom UA Data Feeds import results 16.0
View products
To view products, go to the menu "Product and Services" - "Items"
Odoo Odoo Prom UA Data Feeds view products 16.0

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