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Програмний модуль для системи Odoo "Google Ads Conversion Tracking"

Increase sales, generate new leads, driving traffic to your Odoo website with Google Ads


Recently, Google has announced that they implement a single script for tracking visitor activity on websites. This script, named Google Tag, should be added to all webpages of the website. The Google Tag has two destinations at the current time:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics 4

This solution covers the needs to connect your Google Ads with Odoo website and can help to track sales and conversions on your website, to measure your ads results. Besides that, the module allows sending the user-provided data, product data, and information about transactions via Google Tag. User data is required for Enhanced Conversions and is sent in a privacy-safe way (hashed by SHA256). Using this hashed user data, Google can match your customers with their Google accounts when they interact with your Google Ads.

Easy & Simple

Easy to activate and configure


Support multiple tags on one website


Free 30 days support and 180 days bug-fixing

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Enable Website Tracking
Go to the menu "Website" - "Configuration" - "Settings" and activate the related option in the "Tracking" section.
Odoo Website tracking activate in 17.0
Sensitive data cleaning up

The solution cleans sensitive tracking data such as payload, client IP address, and user agent. You can control the period after which the purging is performed. By default, it's 30 days.

Additionally, you can activate the "Completely delete log entries older than the specified period" option to remove all internal tracking log records after this time.

Getting a Google Tag
To get your Google Tag ID, go to your Google Ads account and create a new Tag or copy your Google Tag identifier from the existing.
Odoo 17.0 add Google Tag for Google Ads
Adding a tracking service

The first step after tracking activation, is to create a new tracking service. Click on the "Manage Tracking Services" link in the Settings view, or go to the "Configuration" - "Tracking" - "Services" menu and add a new tracking service for your Odoo website.

Odoo 17.0 Google Ads activate tracking service
  • Specify a website (if you have a multi-website environment).
  • Select the service type "Google Tag".
  • Then enter your Google Tag ID.
Log events in Odoo

If you want to get data about tracking events in Odoo, activate the "Internal Logs" option. To view the log records related to the current service, click the "Logs" button at the top of the form.

Odoo 17.0 Google Ads tracking logs
Conversion Action

Google Ads conversion tracking helps to see an efficiency of Google advertisements and indicates what actions were performed by customers which click on ads.

To start conversion tracking, there are several steps that should be done:

  1. Get a Global Site Tag code and set it on your Odoo website.
  2. Activate tracking to place the Google Tag on all pages of your website.
  3. Create a conversion action on the Google Ads side.
Start tracking conversions by adding a conversion action
In your Google Ads account click on "New conversion action" in the Goals menu.
Add Conversion action for Google Ads in Odoo 17.0
On the next step choose the "Website" conversion kind, and provide your website URL for scanning.
Odoo Google Ads the website conversion in 17.0
Odoo Google Ads scan website 17.0
After scanning, you need to click on the "Add a conversion action manually".
Odoo Google Ads add conversion manually 17.0
Fill in the conversion action details and save the action.
Odoo Google Ads conversion action details and settings 17.0
And finally, click on the "See event snippet" to get the conversion action identifier (custom event name), that should be configured on Odoo side as well.
Odoo Google Ads conversion action 17.0
Odoo Google Ads conversion action snippet 17.0
Odoo Google Ads custom event name 17.0
Custom event tracking in Odoo
On the Odoo side, create a new custom event and paste the custom event name from Google Ads.
Odoo 17.0 website custom event tracking for Google Ads
Each custom event can be related to one of standard Odoo e-Commerce tracking events. After linking of these events, you can see firing of them in internal logs.
Odoo Google Ads Conversion action custom event logging 17.0

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