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Програмний модуль для системи Odoo "Odoo Cookie Consent Banner"

Configurable cookie banner to manage consent types on Odoo websites


Odoo Cookie Banner is a popup window that allows your website visitors to provide cookie consents for various cookie types on Odoo websites. After making a choice, the visitor can change it by clicking on the cookie icon.

The solution comes with the Google Consent Mode extension to update the visitors' cookie consents by sending requests to Google via the gtag.js script.

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Banner Activation
Cookie Banner Activating
After installing this app, go to the "Website" - "Configuration" - "Settings" menu and in the Privacy section set the "Consent Manager" option as "Odoo Cookie Bar".
Odoo Cookie Banner activating in 15.0
The Odoo cookie bar will be extended with the "Customize" button, and functionality to get your website visitor's cookie choices with following updating of the Google Consent Mode values.
Odoo Cookie Bar with the Customize button to choose cookie types in 15.0
Google Consent Mode

The Odoo Cookie Banner app includes the Odoo Google Consent Mode solution that allows managing of Google consent types in Odoo.

It supports the Google Consent Mode V2 parameters according to the Google documentation (https://support.google.com/tagmanager/answer/13695607):

  • ad_user_data - Sets consent for sending user data to Google for advertising purposes.
  • ad_personalization - Sets consent for personalized advertising.
Odoo Cookie Consent Types to Google Consent Mode parameter's relations
The solution uses the following relations between cookie types in Odoo and Google Consent Mode parameters:
Cookie Type Google Consent Types
Necessary security_storage
Functionality functionality_storage personalization_storage
Analytics analytics_storage
Marketing ad_storage
ad_user_data (Google Consent Mode V2 parameter)
ad_personalization (Google Consent Mode V2 parameter)
Odoo Cookie Banner

Your website visitors can grant all cookie types by clicking "Allow All" button, or refuse to provide their consent for cookies, that are not necessary for the website functioning, by selecting the "Only Essentials" option.

To choose which cookies are allowed and which are not, visitors can click on the "Customize" button. The Cookie Banner will be shown and provides the cookie choosing options.

Odoo Cookie Banner Odoo Cookie Consent Banner 15.0 popup window
After making customized cookie choices by a visitor, a banner icon will be displayed at the bottom of all website pages for that visitor. That allows your website customers to change their cookie consents by clicking on this icon.
Odoo Odoo Cookie Consent Banner 15.0 Cookie Banner icon on the bottom
Banner Settings
How to configure the coookie banner

The Odoo Cookie Banner can be configured from the backend, that provides a convenient possibility for customizations by UI to avoid additional development on your webpages.

Go to the "Website" - "Configuration" - "Websites" menu, have activated the Developer Mode before, and choose a required website. There are the following banner settings on the Cookies Banner tab:

  • Cookie Types
  • Cookie Bar
  • Cookie Banner
  • Cookie Icon
  • Buttons
Cookie Types Setting
You can deactivate or make required some cookie types if it is necessary for you.
Odoo 15.0 Cookies Banner setting with cookie types
Cookies Bar Settings
These settings allow you to specify the message on your Odoo Cookie Bar, and change the Cookie Policy URL.
Odoo Cookie Bar settings 15.0
Customized Cookie Bar in Odoo 15.0
Cookies Banner Settings
You can specify the Cookie Banner title and description in the following section:
Odoo 15.0 Cookies Banner setting with cookie types
Customized Cookie Banner in Odoo 15.0
Cookies Icon Settings
According to your website theme, it can be necessary to replace the cookie icon, you can perform it by changing the following icon options:
  • Icon Image - you can choose own images for the cookie banner icon. Consider using the SVG pictures to have the ability to manage the icon color.
  • Icon Color - allows you to select the color of the cookie icon (in case using the SVG images).
  • Icon Size - specifies the icon size in pixels.
  • Position - this option allows you to place the cookie icon on the left or right side of the webpage's bottom.
  • Margins - for adjustments of icon position from the bottom and sides.
Odoo Cookie Banner Icon settings in 15.0
Customized Cookie Icon in Odoo 15.0
Cookie Buttons Settings
Additionally, the module allows you to change the cookie button titles on the Cookies Bar and Cookies Banner.
Odoo Cookie Banner Buttons settings in 15.0
Customized Cookie Bar Buttons in Odoo 15.0
Customized Cookie Banner Buttons in Odoo 15.0

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