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Програмний модуль для системи Odoo "eCommerce Address Management"

Module Features

Managing visibility of address fields
Set fields as required or optional
Define the default country for billing and shipping addresses
In one-click configurable from Odoo


Using Odoo e-commerce you can find out that you do not need to ask customers to fill in all address fields. In real, some fields are required another not, some fields are optional. Some companies can sell only within a certain country, and they do not need to force the buyer to fill in the appropriate field each time. To resolve it you can ask a developer to make changes to the website page or, the simplest way, to use this module. From the Odoo backend, the module allows you to activate billing and shipping fields, deactivate which is unnecessary, set required fields that you need, select default country.


To manage address fields follow these steps:

  • Go to the Website - Configuration - Wedsites menu.
  • Select a website and configure the address fields in the sections Billing Address Fields and Shipping Address Fields.
Odoo 15.0.0 eCommerce Address Management configuration
  1. You can hide or show fields by switching on/off these toggles.
  2. To set a field as required use these appropriated toggles.
  3. Select a default country and make it unchangeable if you need.
  4. The fields Zip Code and State are country-related. The property required depends on the default country and can be changed by system administrators only.

The Billing and Shipping Address webpages after changes:

Odoo 15.0.0 eCommerce Address Management billing address webpage
Odoo 15.0.0 eCommerce Address Management shipping address webpage
Odoo 15.0.0 eCommerce Address Management summary


Use the built-in option Show b2b fields to hide or show the Company Name and TIN/VAT fields:

Odoo 15.0.0 eCommerce Address Management configuration

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