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Breadcrumbs help to navigate a website for visitors and make navigation easier. It makes the website more friendly for SEO and affect to indexing by search engine crawlers.

The module changes the standard blog post breadcrumbs and bring them to the recommended format. Also, it improves blog item styles and make their views correct on small screens.

Odoo 15.0 Website Blog SEO Breadcrumbs website blog post breadcrumbs

The homepage link with a company name will be added in the first place in the breadcrumb list as well.

Just install the module to implement breadcrumbs changes.

Technical details

The module adds the following Microdata properties according to the specifications:

  • itemtype - with the value for the parent element and for childs.
  • itemprop: itemListElement - for child elements.
  • itemprop: item - for links.
  • itemprop: name - for link names.
  • itemprop: position - from the first to the last element.
Odoo 15.0.0 Website Blog SEO Breadcrumbs html code metadata
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