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Програмний модуль для системи Odoo "eCommerce Product Search by Synonyms"

Improve search on your e-commerce website with product synonyms


Searching on Odoo websites is quite convenient, but your customers can use some special or strange keywords or phrases to receive desired search results. For example, your "Office Chair" product rotates, and customers search for it with the word "swivel", or your "Cereal Container" product is searched for with the keyword "box".

Of course, you can add these terms to the product name or description, but what you can do if you don't want to show these keywords to your customers for various reasons?

In this case, our solution provides you necessary functionality to manage product synonyms and relate them to your products. Searching on your website's product catalog will include the additional results with these alternative product names and characteristics.

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Adding product alternative names
After installing the module, go to your products and specify Search Alternatives on the "Sales" tab in the "eCommerce Shop" section.
Odoo product search by alternative names on websites 14.0
To view all used product synonyms, go to the "Website" - "eCommerce" - "Products" - "Search Alternatives" menu.
Odoo product synonym alternative name for ecommerce websites 14.0
Website Search Results
Now your site visitors can use alternative names and phrases, and the search results will be supplemented with the correct products. The product synonyms will allow you to offer customers exactly the products that meet their expectations.
Odoo website search results by product synonym name in 14.0 eCommerce Product Search by Synonyms
Odoo e-commerce search results by product alternative name in 14.0 eCommerce Product Search by Synonyms

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