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Програмний модуль для системи Odoo "Nova Poshta Delivery Registers"

Nova Poshta registers - combine documents into scan sheets


One of the extra services of Nova Poshta is the ability to combine delivery documents into a single list - the register. This simplifies processing and sending shipments.

Management of the registers of Nova Poshta is implemented in a separate module that can be installed additionally.


Multi Nova Poshta accounts

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After the module installation, you do not need to configure anything, you can begin managing Scan Sheets (Registers) right away.
Adding TTN to a scan sheet
To add a TTN to the scan sheet of Nova Poshta, you have two ways:
  • Create a new scan sheet and add the Nova Poshta documents manually:
Odoo Нова Пошта реєстр відправлень 17.0
  1. Go to the "Nova Poshta" - "Scan Sheets" menu, and create a new record.
  2. Then, choose an account of Nova Poshta.
  3. Add the required TTNs by clicking on "Add a line".
  4. And finally, click on "Sync" to create the scan sheet on the Nova Poshta side.
  • Put TTNs from the list:
Odoo Нова Пошта додання ТТН в реєстр відправлень 17.0
Actions with Scan Sheets
The following actions with scan sheets of Nova Poshta could be implemented:
Odoo Нова Пошта дії з реєстрами відправлень 17.0
  • Updating - to get updates from Nova Poshta.
  • Printing - to print the scan sheet.
Odoo Нова Пошта друк реєстру відправлень 17.0
  • Removing - to delete some TTN from the scan sheet, click on this button in the sheet lines:
Odoo Нова Пошта видалення ТТН з реєстру відправлень 17.0
  • Disbanding - if you need to cancel the scan sheet. In this case the TTNs can be added to another sheet.
Odoo Нова Пошта видалення (розформування) реєстру відправлень 17.0

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