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Програмний модуль для системи Odoo "Galaxus Product Data Feeds"

Integrate your Odoo with the largest Swiss online shop Digitec Galaxus via CSV Product Data Feeds


Digitec Galaxus integration will expand your sales channels and allow you to complete partner integration process in a short time.

Three ready-made product data feeds provide the required product data for the three data preparation stages:

  • Stage 1 is providing the base product-specific information to upload your existing assortment to the marketplace.
  • Stage 2 is filling in the product characteristics, such as product title and brand, product category and codes, and product images.
  • Stage 3 is enriching product content by product specifications and features.

Data exchange is implemented by web services, so provide an HTTPS link for each product feed to Digitec Galaxus support team for initialization. The feed URLs are protected by token to prevent unauthorized access.

With this solution, you'll be able to create necessary product feeds as supplier or merchant, and adopt them for your business needs. Use ready-made feed templates or add new ones to get maximum efforts and automate data transmission process with Digitec Galaxus.

Easy & Simple

Easy to activate and configure


Multi feed support


Free 30 days support and 180 days bug-fixing

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Go to the menu "Website" - "Products" - "Product Data Feeds" and open one of the "Galaxus" feeds.

Odoo Digitec Galaxus product data feeds 14.0
Inclusion of products to the feeds

Firstly, specify what products should be added to the feed by editing the domain in the Item Filter field.

Odoo Digitec Galaxus adding product to a feed 14.0
Odoo Digitec Galaxus Feed filter domain 14.0

Then, repeat the filter domain settings for others Digitec Galaxus feeds.

Special product fields

The solution adds the Digitec Galaxus specific product fields:

  • Shipment Type - specify a type of shipment for your products and can have the following values:

    • Letter
    • Parcel (default value)
    • Bulky goods
    • General cargo
  • Minimum Order Quantity - the minimum product quantity to order (the default value is 1).

To set these field values, open a product form and specify values on the "Data Feeds" tab, in the "Galaxus" section.

Odoo Digitec Galaxus specific product fields 14.0
Feed Settings

You can specify a pricelist for the product data feed by going to the "Settings" tab in the feed form and selecting a desired pricelist.

Odoo Digitec Galaxus product price list select 14.0
Feed URL Getting

When you complete the feed configuration process, copy the feed URL by clicking to the "Copy" button.

Odoo Digitec Galaxus product data feed URL 14.0

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