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Module Features

Easy and fast option to verify your domain for Facebook
No code needed ;)

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Recently Facebook announced important changes affecting Web Events. If you have visited the Events Manager in your Facebook Business account you could see the following notification:

"Apple has announced changes to iOS 14 devices that will impact how we receive and process web events at Facebook. Once Apple releases their changes, we'll use our Aggregated Event Measurement protocol to process events from people on iOS 14 devices that are opted out of data sharing to help you optimize and understand the efficacy of your ad campaigns. By default, we've added up to 8 events on your domains that are recommended for your business, but you can manage these configurations in Events Manager. Visit the Resource Center for more information.".

The module helps completing the domain verification process to ensure your business has control over which pixels and conversion events are eligible for configuration on your domains.


Follow these steps to configure the module:

  • Get a domain verification code in the Facebook Business Settings - Brand Safety - Domains.
  • Odoo 14.0 code in meta tag
  • In Odoo activate the Developer Mode.
  • Go to the Website - Configuration - Websites menu.
  • Select a website.
  • Fill in the Facebook Domain Verification Code.
  • Save the changes.
Odoo False.0 Facebook Domain Verification code
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