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Module Features

Managing several product data feeds
Security protection with access token
The wide abilities to customize a feed for your needs
Multi website support


To advertise or sell on Facebook and Instagram you need a catalogue that contains information about your products. This module generates the product data feed files for the Facebook Commerce Manager in automatic mode (by URL). After adding the data feed URL on Facebook you will be able to promote your products in sales channels, on Facebook Shops, with dynamic ads, and more.

This module generates the product data feed file for the Facebook Commerce Manager. You can specify the product domain, pricelist, stock locations. The data feed parameters are simply configurable from the Odoo. The module supports multi websites and allows the creation of several feeds with different settings.


After installing the module, you will get two predefined data feeds, one for products and one for product templates. Follow these steps to configure the module:

  • Go to the Website - Products - Product Data Feeds menu.
  • Choose one of the feeds.
Odoo False.0 Facebook Catalog Product Feed configuration

In the following section you can configure the data feed security and format options.

Odoo False.0 Facebook Catalog Product Feed configuration
  1. The data feed is token protected by default. If you need not use this protection, disable this option.
  2. You can regenerate the access token if needed.
  3. If you use multi websites, you can specify which ones will allow this data feed.
  4. This option determinate a data feed receipent. The value Facebook Catalog is the default in this module.
  5. Choose the data feed file format. CSV and TSV are allowed options.

Define the products to include in your feed in the right section.

Odoo False.0 Facebook Catalog Product Feed product configuration
  1. Select the model which will be used for data feed. The Product Template (product.template) and Product (product.product) are available. This option can be changed in an empty data feed (without columns).
  2. Use the system domain to filter the model records.
  3. Choose a pricelist to define the product sale prices. If it not set, the Sale Price from the product form will be used.

The stock availability is configurable on the Stock Settings tab.

Odoo False.0 Facebook Catalog Product Feed stock availability settings
  1. Select what type of availability will be used to determine the quantity of the products. The available values: Quantity On Hand, Forecast Quantity, and Free To Use Quantity.
  2. If you need to use the products only from the specific stock locations, you can specify them in this option.
  3. Choose what value should be used for the Facebook data feed column availability for products that are out of stock. The values Out of stock (out_of_stock) and Available for order (order) are selectable.

To add or change columns in the feed, click the Columns button.

Odoo False.0 Facebook Catalog Product Feed columns

A column might have the following types:

Odoo False.0 Facebook Catalog Product Feed column settings
  • Text - a predefined char value.
  • Model Field - to get value from one of the model fields. Available field types: char, text, integer, float, monetary, many2one.
  • Value - one of a list value that defines in the menu Website - Configuration - Data Feeds - Column Values.
  • Special - columns of this type have a special logic in the module.

Copy the URL of the data feed after you finish configuring the feed parameters.

Odoo False.0 Facebook Catalog Product Feed url

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