Custom Product Labels 38x25 mm (1.5" x 1")
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Програмний модуль для системи Odoo "Custom Product Labels 38x25 mm (1.5" x 1")"

Print custom product barcode labels 38 x 25 mm (1.5" x 1.0")

There are a lot of cases when company business processes require having the ability to print product barcode labels. However, different printers and label makers use varied paper formats and label designs can be individual for each company.

The "Custom Product Labels" app family from Garazd Creation solves this business need and gives a usable tool to generate and print product labels with required sizes.

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Label Specifications

This module adds the product label template with the following specifications:

  • Label size (inches): 1.5 x 1
  • Label size (mm): 38 x 25
  • Paperformat: 38x25 mm
  • Labels on the sheet: 1 pcs
  • Labels per row: 1 pcs
  • Number of rows per page: 1


To print product labels:

  • Go to the Products or Product variants list view.
  • Select single or multiple products.
  • Go to the Print menu and click on Custom Product Labels.
Odoo 16.0 Custom Product Labels 38x25 mm (1.5

In the opened wizard form:

  1. Select a Label Template.
  2. Templates may have different designs, sizes, and paper formats. Look at our other related modules.
  3. Change the number of labels that will be printed (if necessary).
  4. You can enter a quantity or use / buttons.
  5. If you need to set a specific quantity for each label, enter the value and click on Set quantity.
  6. After changing the label quantities you can restore the initial values. Click the button for this.
  7. Click on Preview or Print.
Odoo 16.0 custom product barcode label print wizard

You can also set some label options on the tab Options:

  • Human readable barcode - to print a barcode digit code on the labels.
  • Border - to set the label border width.
  • Set to 0 to print labels without border.
Odoo 16.0 custom product barcode label print wizard options


Contact us if you need labels of other sizes, paper formats, or designs.

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