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Програмний модуль для системи Odoo "eCommerce Pinterest Tag"

Версія Odoo: 15.0

Module Features

Just install the app to add event codes to relevant web pages.
All event codes with extended event data.
Compatible with our other website visitor tracking apps such as Facebook Pixel.
The solution was developed in cooperation with a professional marketing agency.


The module adds integration of Pinterest event codes to measure the impact your Pinterest ads have on certain onsite actions. Tracking visitor actions is necessary to launch campaigns that will automatically optimize specific events such as conversion campaigns or dynamic retargeting ads. Event codes are also necessary for accessing surfaces such as Conversion Insights.

The following Pinterest events are implemented by this app:

  • signup - fires on clicking the Sign Up button on the "Sign Up" webpage.
  • lead - activates on the Contact Us - Thanks page after contacting through the "Contact Us" form.
  • pagevisit - fires on viewing any website page.
  • viewcategory - fires when a website visitor open a product category page in e-commerce.
  • search - fires on searching products.
  • addtocart - fires on clicking the Add to cart button on a product page.
  • checkout - activates on visiting the final page of the checkout process.

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