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The Odoo software module "Project Task Codes"

Odoo Project Task numbering with automatic unique codes


There are many tools to simplify a project management. When talking about project tasks, it's so convenient to use short codes or numbering that help you communicate more effectively. These codes allow us to have a clear understanding of the task we have in mind. Especially, if this numbering is automatic and use a specific prefix that is related to your project.

Additionally, if this task code is clearly visible on all views and a task can be easily found using Odoo's standard search bar. This increases the comfort of using Odoo and speeds up processes in project management.

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Activation of task numbering
You can activate a task numbering for projects by the "Task Codes" option on the "Settings" tab of a project.
Configure project task numbering in Odoo 16.0

After activation, specify a prefix that will be used for this project tasks.

The next step is adding of a new task sequence by clicking on the "Add" button.

Odoo project code sequence 16.0
System administrators can customize this task sequence in the future, if necessary.
Automatic task numbering
After you have activated the "Task Codes" option for a project, all new project tasks will get a unique code.
Odoo task code in Projects 16.0
Manual assignment of a task code
If you have tasks which were created before the activation of task codes, you can assign a code for these tasks by the action "Generate Code" from the "Actions" menu. The code will have the next value from the sequence.
Generate project task code in Odoo 16.0
Odoo project task assign code manually 16.0
Appearance and Search
Task codes are visible on the main views of project tasks:
  • on the task form
  • in the task list
  • Project task code column in Odoo 16.0 list view
  • on the kanban view
  • Project task code in Odoo 16.0 kanban view
Tasks can be searchable by the code on all views and task related fields.
Search project task by code in Odoo 16.0
Odoo project task searching by code in 16.0

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