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GA4 tracking of event ticket selling on Odoo websites
This module extends the functionality of the module Google Analytics 4 eCommerce and adds the tracking of event searching and ticketing:
  • search: when a customer searching events;
  • add_to_cart and begin_checkout: when a customer clicking on the Register button on the Event "Attendees" form.
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Adding a tracking ID
Go to the menu "Website" - "Configuration" - "Settings" then:
  1. Activate the "Google Analytics" option.
  2. Then enter Tracking ID.
  3. Choose the product type which IDs you want to be used in the tracking events.
  4. Select a product category type what do you want to send to Google.
Save the changes.
Odoo False Google Analytics 4 Events Organization configuration
How it works
Event searching phrases and event registrations with ticket buying will be sent to Google Analytics 4.
Odoo False Google Analytics 4 Events Organization event add_to_wishlist Add To Wishlist
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